Why Ask Dr. Jaudy?

Why did my body go wrong?

What’s wrong with me? What’s causing my symptoms? Is there anything that can be done for me?

These questions and many others are asked everyday by people suffering with chronic or acute illnesses. At times, it may seem like there are no answers and, worst of all, no help to be found. Even the answers that you do get don’t seem to provide you with any real information or solutions.

You visit your doctor, you are referred to specialists, and often, you are told “You might have this,” or “Try this, let’s see if it works,” or “It might be all in your head,” or “You just have to live with it.”

You search for answers online and in books, and still it seems like no one can tell you what is going on with you. We understand your frustration, and we know that many of your health questions have gone unanswered.

Read the Blog and get clear answers that bring you Tomorrow’s Health Today. Gain insight into breakthrough, contemporary understanding and get to the cause of your problem! Dr. Jaudy responds!

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1.  Why We Do What We Do

2.  Our Modern Treatment Methodology