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 2.   What makes AskDrJaudy.com different than other medical information sites?

       If you are like most people, you still have unanswered questions about your health. There are many sources of health-related information; however, there is not much information on the causes of most medical conditions and the typical treatments offered consist of symptom managing drugs and surgeries, which can have devastating side effects. On AskDrJaudy.com, you’ll be able to find out more about your condition and how the nervous system is involved in most conditions.

       When the nervous system (brain) is left unaddressed and untreated, conditions tend to progress, symptoms accumulate, and as more and more systems compensate for dysfunctions in other regions, your health continues to decline. AskDrJaudy.com is not here to tell you what you already know; it is here to tell you what you may not have heard before about your condition or symptom. Search the topics for answers to your health questions and if you can’t find the answer, just ask Dr. Jaudy!


 3.   What’s different about Brain-Based Neurological Treatments and Organ Remapping Applications?

       Conventional/allopathic treatments are focused on symptom management. These treatments, which consist of therapies, drugs, injections, and surgeries, while intent on helping patients, often are only capable of relieving symptoms for a short period of time and, many times, they are unable to even do that. Modern neuroscience has provided insight into how the brain works, how the nervous system works, and how all functions of the body are dependent upon and controlled by the central processor, which is the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).

       The brain and nervous system runs on electricity and anything that runs on electricity can misfire. These electrical misfires cause organs, tissues, and glands to go haywire. Conventional/allopathic treatment modalities focus on the symptom, not the cause of the symptom, which is this electrical misfiring in the nervous system. For example, drugs work by ‘tricking’ cells by manipulated what is known as a ‘lock-and-key’ mechanism that cells use to absorb various chemicals through activation of receptor sites, which are like antennae on cells that receive information in the form of electrochemical signals. The chemicals in drugs essentially mimic body chemistry, but the effects this mimicry has on other cells are numerous and can be very harmful. You know these as side effects.

       Conversely, Brain-Based Neurological Treatments and Organ Remapping Applications work by targeting the source (or sources) of dysfunction. They are patient-specific treatments that enable the activation of receptor sites without the use of foreign substances, such as the chemical found in drugs. Brain-Based Neurological Treatments and Organ Remapping Applications work by creating neuroplasticity, which is the nervous system’s ability to create new connections and strengthen existing connections. While you may be used to be treated in pieces (i.e. you visit the cardiologist for heart problems, the dermatologist for skin problems, the gastroenterologist for digestive problems, and so on), Dr. Jaudy’s methodology focuses on treating patients as the integrated, interconnected whole that they are.

       When you restore normal functioning to the nervous system through Brain-Based Neurological Treatments and Organ Remapping Applications, you restore normal functioning to the body’s systems and you restore integration to the body as a whole. What does this mean to you as a patient? It means that you no longer have to visit 2, 5, 10, 20 doctors or more or take 5, 10, 20, 50 drugs and supplements any longer. It means that your body’s functioning can be restored without drugs, injections, or surgeries.


4.   Why do I have symptoms and feel that I’m getting worse, and my doctor tells me “there is nothing wrong with me?”

       Unfortunately, many physicians, although well intended, follow a mechanistic approach to diagnosis. In other words, there are standard tests that many doctors perform regarding individual symptoms, not individual patients. Often, the main system that regulates and controls our functions, the nervous system, is not thoroughly examined and therefore a physician may not discover the cause of your symptoms, as most symptoms are rooted in nervous system dysfunction.

       Additionally, physicians often look at test results, such as bloodwork, in an ‘all-or-nothing’ perspective. What this means is that you may get results back and be told, for example, “Your cholesterol is a little high, but nothing to worry about,” or “Your white blood cells are a little low, but still in normal range.” What we need to realize is that if levels of anything are not where they should be, whether ‘a little high’ or ‘a little low’, this means that the body is headed towards a disease state, and definitely not ‘nothing to worry about it’.

       To state it bluntly, if you have symptoms and you feel as though you are getting worse, there is definitely something going on, whether your doctor finds the cause or not.


5.   Why didn’t anyone tell me what you’re telling me? Don’t they know that?

       Jaudy Systems Integration Diagnostics and Treatments with Organ Remapping Applications is the on the cutting edge of modern neuroscience and brain neuropalsticity. Many people, including doctors, are unaware of this remarkable approach and/or not trained to diagnose and treat non-invasively and non-pharmaceutically. So, no; in many cases, people do not know about what we are telling you.


6.   My doctor told me that my symptoms are not related? Is that true?”

       No, symptoms are almost always related. Understand that your body is a collection of components and systems, which all work together to achieve synergistic function. When something goes wrong in one region of the body, this can (and often does) lead to problems in another region, or other regions, of the body. While symptoms may seem unrelated, they are often intimately connected, having the same underlying cause or causes.

       If you have more than one symptom, we are talking about multiple dysfunctions in ONE ultimate system: you. Your symptoms are related because they are occurring in the ONE system, which is you.


7.   What has my brain got to do with my body parts?”

       Every function of every organ, gland, and tissue in the body is monitored, regulated, and controlled by the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. Therefore, the brain has EVERYTHING to do with your body parts… all of them. Muscles, blood vessels, glands, organs, joints… all of these are controlled by the brain. Due to the intimate connections between the brain and the body, dysfunctions in any regions of the body is either due to a problem in the nervous system (brain) or may lead to problems in the nervous system.